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Garden is a thriving ecosystem that is constantly changing, the plants flourish and transform with the changing seasons as we also change and our dreams, expectations, and tastes evolve over time

If you let me design your garden, I will follow your vision to create a dream garden designed especially for you, with all requested amenities, colours, and other elements, and even more.

Everything starts with the first design consultancy visit. First, I close my eyes and listen to what the place is whispering to me. I take a look at terroir potentials, natural terrain features, and hidden gems. Next I will listen to your guidelines and wishes to create a preliminary design best suited to your needs and budget.

During a second visit I present you the concept/outline design blueprint with visualization.

After discussing changes and implementing your corrections I will prepare the final design detailed with all the plants, materials, and technical specifications.

I also offer project management and designer supervision of garden works and I can recommend trusted work contractors to construct the garden, the ones that I know personally and worked with.

  How I design: